Our Cattle

Pine Cliff Ranch’s herd uses Red Angus bulls from Pharo Cattle Company and Kravig Red Angus that are well-known for their ability to thrive on grass.

We cross these genetics with Red Angus and Hereford mother cows and raise our calves under strict protocols and guidelines. 

Our rangeland is our most important resource. Historically, native bison grazed this area, and the plants evolved to be most productive with heavy use followed by long periods of rest. 

We try to mimic this natural cycle with planned rotational grazing which promotes an abundance of forage and produces healthy animals, both domestic and wild. 

Unlike many cattle producers, we winter our calves with their mothers, then wean them in a pasture adjacent to their mothers so they can still touch and visit with each other. This low-stress weaning produces healthier, happier calves and cows.

All beef animals are bred onsite, ensuring you get Pine Cliff Ranch beef, and nothing else.

Our calves are never given sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones or beta-agonists.

See our Grass-Finished Beef page for more information.